“I’m so happy that I was finally able to open a salon in our country that focuses exclusively on hair colouring, an idea I’ve been working on for a long time. There are salons all over the world staffed entirely by COLOURISTS who devote their lives to mastering their craft. In my opinion, if you focus on developing just one aspect of your work, you’ll do a fantastic job of it, whereas if you spread your attention too thin, you’ll merely scratch the surface of each.”

“The hair that is strong and healthy and has a strong tolerance to chemicals is easy to tone and colour. When you get a client with a 95% chemical damage, you need to handle the situation with TACT. In the absence of extensive background knowledge and expertise, you don’t have many options.”


BOARD Balayage





Check out our gallery to see some of our work, including full colour corrections, balayage, baby highlights, hair blending, before and after photos of Olaplex treatments,the products we use and recommend for home care, as well as videos and photos from our numerous training programs.

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