Why is hair care important?

17.Dec.2021 | Advices

Every day we meet ladies who want to lighten their hair as much as possible.  To properly work with each colour, one must employ a specific technique. When your hair is blonde, you need to take extra precautions to keep it healthy. To achieve a blonder tone, the hair must be in good condition.

Just what does that entail if anything at all?

To keep hair from splitting, its disulfide bonds must be rebuilt. In order to achieve healthy, shiny hair, an Olaplex treatment—a deep treatment that re-forms broken disulfide bonds in the hair—is essential. Further, the hair needs to be hydrated, which can be accomplished with deep care salon treatments. Preparing the hair properly for dyeing reduces the likelihood of damage.

If the hair is in poor condition, the dye will not stay as long since the disulfide bonds will be weakened, and the colour will be easily washed out.

Now more than ever, every second counts, and yet it seems as though there is never enough time to get everything done. So, if you’re not confident that you’ll be able to maintain your newly dyed blonde hair, we suggest going with a more natural tone that won’t necessitate as many trips to the salon. Dry, parched, and tattered blonde hair is the ugliest thing a woman can have. Do you agree?

What does monthly care mean?

  • We advise monthly salon visits for blonde hair care, during which you should do the following:
  1. Hair hydration and the Olaplex treatment
  2. Toner (at 3 to 4 weeks)
  3. A 1 cm trim

Home care:

Professional shampoos or conditioners, an elixir for the ends, and heat protectant spray before every blowout or ironing session.

  • Ideal salon hair care once a month for natural tones:
  1. The Olaplex treatment
  2. Toner (if necessary)
  3. Haircut (at the request of the client)

Taking care of your hair at home has never been easier with the wide availability of professional-grade shampoos and convenient packages, as well as heat-protecting products.

Use our suggestions as a starting point, but ultimately, you need to choose what works best for you in terms of budget and ease of upkeep. The end result should be hair that is healthy, gorgeous, and well-groomed.

Kind regards!

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